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Sublue Navbow+ Underwater Scooter - 1 Year Warranty

Sublue Navbow+ Underwater Scooter - 1 Year Warranty

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Have an extraordinary diving experience unrivaled in its class. Introducing the Navbow+, a new generation of underwater scooter. Experience cutting-edge technology with smart safety features and undeniable power and speed. Equipped with 3-speed switches, a digital compass, intelligent APP control, and more to take your diving experience to the next level.

Undeniably Powerful

Navbow+ is the fastest among our underwater scooters with 3 speed switches of up to 2m/s. With our advanced and patented waterproof batteries, it can operate at depths of up to 40m with a long-lasting battery of up to 60 minutes.

Smart Safety Features

Navbow+ offers superior smart safety features, including a flashing OLED screen, buzzer, and auto-shutdown if something goes wrong during your dive. You can even use the APP to set the depth and battery alarms. So head out into the water and feel safe knowing that your underwater scooter has got you covered.

Cutting Edge Technology

With Sublue’s cutting-edge technology, confidently head out into the water and use the built-in compass, as well as the water depth and temperature sensors of Navbow+. This will help you better navigate your journey underwater.

Durable And Reliable

With our latest anti-corrosion technology, Navbow+ is designed to be extra durable with hassle-free maintenance. This is to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy Navbow+ for a really long time. We definitely aim to give you value for your money.

Underwater Photography

Capture the most stunning underwater images with Navbow+. It can mount a Sublue photography platform where you can attach action cameras, waterproof LED lights, float arms, etc. Moreover, you can easily customize it according to your thirst for an underwater adventure.

* Sublue photography platform sold separately.

SublueGo App

Select Navbow+ on the app to generate your underwater experience logs, such as the water depth and temperature throughout your whole dive. Then, make sure your family and friends know what you’re up to by sharing these logs on social media.

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