Collection: FeiyuTech

Founded in 2007 in the Guilin National High and New Tech Industry Park, the Feiyu Technology Incorporated Co., Ltd was one of the first companies to produce drones and its related automation products in South China. Aeromodelling balancing apparatus, flight control system, and fixed-wing drone were our major products.

In 2013, FeiyuTech found that the drone gyro stabilization technology was possible to be used for gimbals, so developed handheld gimbal G3 based on the technology. Thanks to G3, users could shoot smooth video with GoPro while doing sports. FeiyuTech business was growing faster and faster with the birth of G4, G5, and G6. Now, the products include not only action camera gimbals, but also Smartphone and DSLR gimbals, such as SPG and Vimble series for smartphones and AK and SCORP series for DSLR cameras.