Collection: Gofort

Gofort was founded in 2010 by a group of adventurous engineers who believe in making electricity portable, clean, outdoors-oriented, and accessible.

 Battery Management System(BMS)

As you can imagine, the battery is the heart of a device as special as the Gofort, which is why we designed it with a battery management system(BMS). In a nutshell, the BMS improves the battery utilization and performance, and it extends the battery service life, and make sure the safety is priority. Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection, while powering your beloved electric devices. You can safeguard your electronics from damage, making it safe for use with laptops, cellphones, tablets, drones, and more.

Intelligent Temperature Control Technology

The Gofort Portable Power Generator features on Intelligent Temperature Control which automatically turns the device off once it detects overheating. This way, it prevents issues related to excess heating that could cause damages to the generator. That is also why the Gofort is designed to work with perfect heat dissipation, including a radiator and silent fan on the rear, and an aluminum shell, which are built with heat dissipation materials that far outperform the plastic that is typically used in similar devices

The Most Affordable Backup Power For Every Household

Gofort offers a solution that is one-tenth(1/10) of the cost of its industry competitors. An investment in Gofort products has no subsequent usage cost, meaning no additional gas or fuel is required.

Better, Safer, Easier

Unlike gas generators, Generark do not emit gas or harmful substances. They are 100% safe for indoor use. They are quiet, running without noise. And, they are easy to use! Generark do not require installation or learning - simply take it out, turn it on, plug in your device and you have power

Certified Quality Made By Gofort

-Used for recreationally : Van life, camping/outdoors, festivals, tailgating

-Used for emergency situations : Disaster relief, home backup, medical devices

-Used for professionally : Drones, event production, business travel 


Now, Gofort leverages this knowledge and experience to build products that strive to reinvent the way people everywhere access power