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Gofort UA1100 (297600mAh/1100Wh/1200W) Portable Power Station - 1 Year Warranty

Gofort UA1100 (297600mAh/1100Wh/1200W) Portable Power Station - 1 Year Warranty

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Gofort 1200W Portable Power Station Is A Reliable Backup Battery For Outdoor Adventures And Power Outage

Off-grid solar generator, green and clean power supply. A solid portable power can power your iPhone, laptop and camping light up, when you enjoying weekend camping/fishing or working from home. With Gofort 1100 portable power station, you can easily stay charged while on-the-go.
  • {Higher 1200W Wattage And Larger 1100Wh Capacity}- - Gofort UA1100 portable generator features with 2 pure sine wave AC outlets, compared with the same capacity power station, it has larger 1200W AC output, powerful enough to power most heavy-duty appliances and tools like mini fridge, air pump and TV; And equipped with a 1100 watt-hour battery pack, provides enough juice to run essential devices while travel, camping, fishing, hunting, power outage and so on.
  • {Offer 9 Outputs Fits All Your Needs}- - Gofort UA1100 solar generator features 2* AC outlet (110V 1200W 2000W Peak), 2* 12V DC ports and 1* 12V car port , 2*USB-A ports, 1* 45W USB-C, 1*18W QC3.0 port. Effectively power lights, refrigerators, CPAP/Bi-PAP, computers, radios, and phones, TV, fan and more.
  • {Real-Time Display And Nice LED Light}- - The smart LCD digital screen will show the exact remaining battery/input/output wattage/AC output/DC output status. Allow you to know the statue of battery pack anytime anywhere. And the 5W/450Lm LED, is powerful enough to illuminate a camping site or your home when there’s a power outage. You won’t need any external light bulb, as right now you can get not only a LED light for less than.
  • {Regulated DC 12V Output (Voltage Stabilizing technology} -- The Gofort has a regulated DC 12V Output that keeps your appliances charging safely and smoothly. Also with this technology, you can fully charge the Gofort product in your car, as others usually require 12.6-16.8V voltage to be fully charged.
  • {Advanced MPPT Technology Provides Faster Solar Recharge}- - Gofort backup battery pack can be charged by the 18V-24V solar panel (Not Included), AC wall adapter and car charger( both included) efficiently. Moreover, it’s built in MPPT controller automatically optimizes charging process and maximizes power extraction from solar panels under all conditions.
Battery Lithium-ion Battery, 1100Wh, 297600mAh(3.7V)
AC Output AC pure sine wave output
AC Continuous Power Output  1200W
AC Peak Power Output  2000W
Standard Out Voltage  110V
Input(Adapter) 12V-24V
Input(Solar Panel) 
18V-24V(≥100W recommend)
Input(Car) 12V cigarette lighter
USB Output 1 X USB QC 3.0; 2 X USB 5V/2.4A
PD Type-C Output 45W
DC Output 
7.56 X 11.9 X 7.56 inch
Net Weight 
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