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PowerVision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Drone - 1 Year Local Distributor Warranty

PowerVision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Drone - 1 Year Local Distributor Warranty

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This bundle includes the PowerRay vehicle and base station, a wireless transmitter/controller, batteries and chargers, and 64GB memory. Additionally, you get a generous 70m tether, along with a PowerSeeker Fishfinder and bait drop line. And to top it all off, you'll enjoy a pair of ZEISS VR ONE Plus Goggles, which work with your smartphone to enable access to immersive, real-time, streaming 3D video from below the surface--so you can feel as though you're actually riding inside the ROV (remotely operated vehicle). The contents of this versatile kit can be neatly stowed and easily transported in the supplied, wheeled carrying case.

POWERRAY WIZARD - PowerSeeker Fishfinder
*Can be attached to top of ROV or used as standalone device
*Provides detailed info on fish distribution, alerts, underwater temperature, depth, and landscape on your iOS or Android smart device via mobile app
*Can detect fish and landscape details as far as 40m underwater
Offers adjustable display parameters
*Features fish-luring light to attract your scaly friends
*Precision remote bait drop lets you place fish hook in desired location

Using Mobile App
*PowerRay Vision+ Mobile App gives you access to real-time viewing of transmitted photos and videos on iOS and Android mobile devices
*Provides images to help you identify fish
*Gives you underwater data and alerts
*Lets you track real-time position of ROV and select travel mode, speed, and lighting settings
*Enables you to choose from 4 modes for controlling ROV
*Each mode presents different assignment of control functions, e.g., left joystick up for forward and down for backwards vs. left joystick up for ascend and down for descend.

ZEISS VR ONE Plus Goggles
*Headset works with your smartphone to give you access to streaming 3D video from below the water's surface, so you feel as though you're riding inside ROV
*Also provides access to games and augmented reality
*Innovative Zeiss optics and precision eyeglass lenses ensure a fully immersive visual experience
*Gesture-based navigation allows you to control the PowerRay ROV via your own head movements
*Possible to connect optional second pair of goggles to enjoy experience with a friend

Power Vision PowerRay WIZARD Underwater ROV Kit ($3599)
Base Station
70m Tether
PowerSeeker Fishfinder
PowerSeeker Charging Cable
Bait Drop Line
ZEISS VR ONE Plus Goggles
Intelligent Charger
AC Power Cord for Intelligent Charger
Handset Clip
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