TOURBOX Creative Controller Black [Pre-Order]


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      $238.00 inclusive of Free Local Delivery (Limited to 1st 50 Customer)

      Retail Price : $258.00 (Excluding Delivery Charges)


      Spare creators the trouble of using complicated shortcut keys and endless keyboard inputs. Creators can now take comprehensive control of their workflow.

      Whether it is brush control, video and audio editing, image control, parameter adjustment or tool switching, you can use TourBox to operate creative software in an incredibly intuitive way.

      Brush Control

      Efficient and Accurate Brush Control

      A versatile knob enables you to easily control the size, flow, transparency and hardness of the brush without interrupting your workflow, allowing you to focus on your creation. There will no longer be interruptions to your whole workflow when you use a brush to edit your creation.

      Parameter Adjustment

      Powerful Parameter Controls

      Dragging your mouse to control software is now history, as the dial on TourBox gives you all the controls you need, whether it is slider control, numerical control, frame stepping or a quick search.

      Video and Audio Editing

      Smooth and Seamless Navigations

      You can realize a series of navigations, such as screen zoom, canvas rotation, and timeline adjustment, by using a wheel, knob or dial on TourBox. The device empowers you to control the software in a more intuitive, efficient and accurate way. The side button, top button and short button can also enable you to access extra advanced functions.

      Image Control

      Quick and Easy Tool Switching

      By pressing the cross button, you can easily and accurately switch between multiple tools and view the real-time status of different tools with the HUD function enabled.

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