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Qingdao iGuan Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2014, a high-tech company dedicated to the development of intelligent product, services and big data platforms. We focus on the machine translation industry to create a resource integration and sharing center. iGuan tech. advocates the concept of “core intelligence, experience first”. Intelligence is not only reflected in the advanced application of the product, but also in the reliable and powerful service platform behind it; the user experience is not only powerful and stylish, but also shows continuous dependence and trust on the product.

R&D Capability

The first one in the world to develop intelligent hardware with built-in translation technology. Strategic cooperation with Information Engineering Center of Ocean University of China, focus on machine learning and intelligent algorithm research in the long term. The core members of the technical team are all from the relevant technical leaders of the top projects in China, such as Lucent, Hisense, IBM, Goer, and Haier. It is a team with full chain integration capabilities.

Patented Technology

Obtained two invention patents, three utility model patents, three industrial design patents and 8 software copyright patents.
The translator project has obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC, CCC