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Commencing its operations in Turkey in 1969, Anadolu EFES has been the market leader since the 1980s. From the 1990s onwards the company expanded its operations overseas; this in itself can be considered as a turning point. Continuing its operations in order to ensure commercial sustainability in the global market, Anadolu EFES increased its strength in the foreign markets by entering into a strategic partnership with SABMiller. With the agreement signed in 2012, Anadolu EFES took over SABMiller's operations in Russia and Ukraine and became the second largest beer manufacturer in Russia.

Anadolu EFES currently continues its operations as a global company, which exports three quarters of its production. In terms of sales volume, it is the 6th largest brewer in Europe, and the 11th largest in the world. Exporting products to over 70 countries, Anadolu EFES is one of the key players in the region with a total of 15 breweries, six malt production facilities and one hops processing facility across Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine

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