lau corporate
Limited Lifetime Warranty: Auctus Plus series, Auctus series, Abeo Plus series, Abeo series, Alta Pro series and Alta+ series(selected models only).
5-years Warranty: Nivelo series, Espod series and Espod Plus series
2-years Warranty: MAK series
lau corporate
Limited Lifetime Warranty: BBH series, GH series, TBH series, SBH series, PH series
lau corporate
Limited Lifetime Warranty: Xcenior series, Skyborne series, Quovio series, Heralder series, outlawz series, Up-rise II series, ICS series, Supreme series, VGP series.
2-years Warranty: Adaptor series, Pampas II series, Nivelo series, 2Go series, Zinn series and Kinray Lite series
                                   All point-and-shoot camera pouches series
Full warranty protection coverage. Terms and conditions Apply
  1. Proof of purchase has to be presented when sending in the product for servicing/repairs.
  2. Warranty coverage is only for manufacturer defects only.
  3. Wear and tear and acts of god are excluded from the warranty coverage.
All information stated are accurate as the point of writing, 6th September 2013.